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Noodles & Pasta

Fennel Gnudi with Marjoram & Almonds

This week I want to talk about a tasty little naked Italian. Gnudi are an…
Hot side dishes

Supper Club Coq au Vin

A very popular dish at the Supper Clubs at the school. This week it was…

Dutch Pea and Ham Soup

I will never forget as a young boy running into the family house from a…
Hot side dishes
Curried Kumara Soup
Smoked Seafood Chowder
Super Tasty Mushroom Risotto
Cakes and slices
Almond Cheesecake with Blood Orange Syrup
Cakes and slices
Feijoa, Caramel & Ginger Cake
Cakes and slices
Blackberries & Peach Cake