About The Good

From Scratch

Cookery School

An on-farm cooking experience for food enthusiasts

About Us

The Good From Scratch Cookery School classes are a fun-filled day that involves picking and gathering the required ingredients for the day’s menu while learning about why they’re important. The preparation and cooking of the dishes is a hands-on experience for the participants and importantly, their labours are then enjoyed together with a selection of local wines, craft beers and homemade sodas.

Michael and Belinda’s Philosophy

The Good From Scratch Way

Michael and Belinda care about where their food comes from. Their farm is a labour of love and they want to share this unique piece of paradise. The ultimate aim is for people to walk away with a smile on their faces, satisfied in the knowledge of what they’ve learnt and created but most importantly, nourished in the understanding that ‘Good From Scratch’ is an essential aspect to life.