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About The Good

From Scratch

Cookery School

An on-farm cooking experience for food enthusiasts

About Us

The Good From Scratch Cookery School classes are a fun-filled day that all of our guests can enjoy. From hands-on full-day classes involving; picking and gathering ingredients for the day’s menu from the Kitchen gardens, to our popular Butchery classes, where we break down a whole animal into small meat cuts, and sausages, accompanied with side dishes, and sauces to compliment. We also offer classes that are Garden and Demonstration for a more casual class and larger groups.

There are plenty of opportunities to ask questions, watch techniques and gain skills used by the host of the day. We encourage all our guests to ask questions throughout their class, leaving with a sense of learning and enjoyment from their experience with us.

Michael and Belinda’s Philosophy

The Good From Scratch Way

We are both qualified Chefs that have lived and worked in London and Ireland in High-end restaurants. Since leaving Europe in the early 2000s we have opened an award-winning restaurant Molten in Mt Eden, and featured in successful TV shows like The Foodtruck, Family Recipes and Eat well for Less NZ. We have always wanted to have a farm where we were able to grow and rear our own food to provide to our very own Cookery School.
We were able to realize this dream in 2015 when we bought our 13 Acre farm in Muriwai on the West Coast of Auckland.
Years of planting and planning the School doors were opened in January of 2020.
The Farm and Cookery School is a labour of love and we want to share this unique piece of paradise with our guests that come through our doors.
We know that Picking and Eating Ingredients fresh from our Kitchen gardens and Orchard gathered by our guests, is not only satisfying, but also we are harvesting food at its very best.
As chefs, this is the pinnacle! We want our guests to master the cooking processes and the best ways to grow, pick and prepare seasonal food at home.
We believe that being nourished in the understanding that ‘Good from Scratch’ is an essential part of life.

Head Gardener at Good from Scratch

Adrianne Barrie

My name is Adrianne Barrie, and I’m the head gardener at Good from Scratch. Having trained as a chef and latterly in organic horticulture. My two consistent lifeline passions have always been gardening & cooking.

Working at Good from Scratch has enabled me to bring my cooking & horticulture knowledge together and alongside Mike & Bee deliver a unique garden to table cooking class experience.

Fruit and vegetables are grown especially for our hands-on classes and are harvested in the morning by our guests ready to be prepared back in the Kitchen.
We have a big focus of seasonal plants that are eaten and prepared at their best growing point and that do well on the farm.

I like to share with our guests some good Growing tips from the ground up that can be helpful and used in your very own gardens at home. There are many different parts of the Garden, from the smallest things like providing flowers to benefit the bees, or in turn, help pollinate your vegetables.

The satisfaction of growing your own food can be very rewarding and with a few tools you too could be enjoying your own sweet harvest.