Spiced Smoke Garlic Salt


This mix brings together the three great buddies when it comes to a seasoning mix;
Smoke. Spice. Garlic.

This One Will Knock Your Socks Off

This seasoning packs a huge amount of flavour! If you’re a fan of garlic salt,  this one will knock your socks off!
Not only does it give you a lovely, earthy, garlic flavour, but you also get a smokey hit from the manuka-smoked salt and a nice little hit of spice to finish.
A fantastic seasoning for all meats before throwing on the BBQ to heighten the flavours, or rub it over pumpkins, kumara, butternut or potatoes before roasting with a touch of oil.
Add it to your bread crumbs for the best-breaded fish or crispy chicken, or simply sprinkle it over grilled tomatoes.

No grinder is necessary!

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