Smoke & Grinder Mix


This mix combines peppercorns, mustard seeds, bay leaves and chillie with rock salt that’s been smoked on-site in our unique cedar smoker using our manuka wood-chip mixture. Empty that salt grinder out and fill it with our Smoke & Grinder Mix and you’ll never season with standard salt again!

Spice Up Your Cheese & Vegemite Sandwiches

This blend heroes rock salt that’s been smoked in our unique cedar smoker on the Good From Scratch farm for 16 hours, before Mike blends it with peppercorns, black & yellow mustard seeds, bay leaves from the School garden, and sky hot chillies from the tunnel house, just to keep things honest.
It’s a grinder mix that you can grind over anything you’d normally reach for the salt for! From steaks to freshly steamed green beans, asparagus with poached eggs, or over the top of roasted chicken stuffed into buns. You can even use it to spice up your cheese & vegemite sandwiches!

No grinder is necessary!

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