Camp Fire Rub


Like Mike’s Awesome Rub, our Camping Fire Rub is a unique blend of herbs, spices, salt and sugars but with the addition of some of our farm’s dried, sky hot chilis. It will keep you nice and warm from the inside, just like you’re sitting around your campfire.

A Great Gift For Any Grill Enthusiast

If you’re going camping and don’t want to take the kitchen’s herb and spice cupboard with you, then this is the rub for you. Expertly blended by Mike, a keen camper himself, this rub gives you an all-in-one seasoning with a bit of a kick.
With both Himilayan and tea tree smoked sea salt, freshly roasted and ground spices, peppers, raw sugars, and our very own smashed sky hot chilis, it’s going to give your lamb chops, beef-rib roast, hot-smoked fish, or grilled eggplant all the flavour you need without the nasty stuff.
Pack some into your 4×4, backpack, caravan or camper.

No grinder is necessary!

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